Final Project (Works cited)

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Final Project

Malcolm Gray 11/24/2015 Internet Survey: Dr. Carey This is the paper for my Internet Survey class, final project. I will be comparing Instagram to s Snapchat. I will also be reviewing the pros and cons of both applications. I will be weighing the cost and benefits of both Instagram and Snapchat as well.  I will be exploring these two socials media sites and apps because … Continue reading Final Project

Final Project (due 11/16/15@10pm)

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Instagram and Pintrest ( October 14)

My opinion on Intstagram and Pintrest is that they are creative and inventive. Pintrest and Instagram because they are good because they allow for simple and effective sharing of ideas. Instagram is a photo sharing social network much better in my opinion than Flickr. Instagram is more about information sharing as far as pictures is concerned, one gets to meet people based on common shared … Continue reading Instagram and Pintrest ( October 14)