Social and New Media ( Aug 21)

Social Media is something that affects my life in a big way. Social Media for me has been a way out of small town town Polk County, NC, in order to connect with a larger national community. How so? Social Networking and media for me has expanded my horizons in being able to connect with friends that i have graduated with half way across the country. For example I have a good buddy of mine that actually dropped out of high school and is currently in Arizona working construction and tyrting to work his way up to manager position, if it was not for facebook I would not be able to keep in close contact with him.

Another social networking site I use is called “Meetme”, it is not as well known as facebook. It is a social networking site that I used to meet people around the country. How it is different from facebook is that you can search members based on religion, location, politics, etc… I do not use “Meetme” as much as facebook but it is one of my favorite social networking sites to use.

Another social networking site that i have used a few times is YouTube, I do not really consider it a social networking site more so video sharing. I mainly use it to upload videos about videogames and to watch reality shows and to like and comment on them. I also used it to follow pro-wrestling.


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