Blog social media and Shootings (Oct 5)

The Shootings in Oregon first of all I want to say was very tragic. It is a shame that in the United States of America and in a civilized societies that these incidents happen from time to time, mass shootings in schools, movie theathers or even malls. It seems like no place is safe. Gun violence is a major issue in America but this is not a debate discussing gun control on the second amendment. The shooting in was given to attention by the way of social media and networking.

This tragic event and all other mass shootings I believe could be prevented by following warning signs and monitoring the social media accounts of the perpetrators. I believe this would help to thin out problem scenarios for the nation at large.  I will take a neutral position in beliefs in gun policy.  I will just say in light of this event, the second  Amendment should not be taken away from the citizens.


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