Back to the future day, social media (Oct 23)

This is a written asignment about the Back to the future day social media. It is about if I was to create a social media site for the future. If i could create any future social networking site, what I call it? Hey, How about “Twittergram”. It would be a mix of twitter and instagram, you could upload your favorite photos and post comments on them. It would be gender non specific, so anyone could use the site and find something that they are interested in. It would contain ideas about arts and crafts and technology based activites.

This social media site will also be a combination like a combination of facebook and tumblr as well. The social media site will have an easy to use format and sign up process only requiring an email and a user ID number or code. Which we be given to the user once they sign up for the site with the emial address. Once the user haas signed up using an email address, theere a then send an email where they are then sent an email that would allow them to create a standard ID passcode consiting of letters and numbers.

The site is generally allowed for users 13+, members will be allowed to upload pictures of cars, leisure activities; they would be given the option to comment on it in one hundred and forty charters or less. The site would be free to use however if you want to access additional feature such as web chat feature with friends it would be an additional charge of $10.00 per month as long as the webcam feature is subscribed to.

This is my idea for a future social media site. I hope it will be a good success to users in the future. It is something that I think will be versatile to future users and hopefully will contribute to easier communication for in the future. One thing is hopefully the program will be faster and more effective that bother facebook and twitter. Also it will have an app so people will be able to use it on the go as well.


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