Final Project (Rough Draft)


Malcolm Gray


Internet Survey: Dr. Carey

This is the paper for my Internet Survey class, final project. I will be comparing Instagram to s Snapchat. I will also be reviewing the pros and cons of both applications. I will be weighing the cost and benefits of both Instagram and Snapchat as well.  I will be exploring these two socials media sites and apps because they are the most fascinating to me in the realm of the internet.


These two sites or apps have a personal attachment for me because I have used both Instagram for a bit. Also, I have been featured on snapchats of friends respectively. Both of the sites I think can be useful for human communication of media and news as well as making and maintain friendships.


Snapchat is a service app similar to vine where a user can record a limited amount of seconds of video media content. Most of my friends who both use vine and snapchat as well after have varying opinions on both services.  The opinion that I get from snapchat is that it is an easier to send messages to friends or to people you follow because it is short and concise for users. Instagram is also a good site to use because it allows users to post photos of what someone is interested in as far as content such as cars or craft making.


It also has a feature that allows people to follow one another the same as snapchat does. The apps both are quite similar in appearance as well as functionality. A difference in both of the apps is the photo sharing capabilities. A few examples are Instagram users can are able to upload photos taken with outside of their camera roll images.

Snapchats users do not have this luxury. Another example is that both apps allow the user to upload videos as well within a certain length of time Snapchat users are only allowed ten seconds whereas Instagram users are allowed fifteen seconds to record and upload videos as well Instagram users are able to upload videos beyond the library and again Snapchat users do not have these capabilities.

A difference between the two is filters for images.  These filters are allowed for Instagram which allows the user to change the color and tint of the photo before it is taken. Snapchat does not allow this feature. A pretty neat feature snapchat allows is for their users to edit images and videos by drawing or doodling on them before they send them to other others on snapchat this is a feature that Instagram does not allow.

Snapchat allows users to set their photos and videos to a timer allowing other users to view them over a certain period of time for instance twelve hours or to allow unlimited views over a twenty four hour time period for allow who is following that user.

I am now going to go into the specifics of each social networking site and apps to give a beginners guide for anymore not familiar with the two forms of media. Snapchat is easy to use for some users and not so easy for others. The information I am going to be using is coming from the snapchat website. Getting started on snapchat is quick, effortless and simple for anyone wanting to create a snapchat storyline.


Firstly in order to get started using Snapchat. The user has to have a device that is able to use the Snapchat app. The user must then download the Snapchat app from the iTunes App store for iOS or from the Google Play Store for Android. The signing up process requires and valid email address this is used to sign in as well if the user’s password is lost, they can enter their email in order to reset their password.


Next, a strong password is recommended for using the app for security and privacy reasons. It is recommended that the user has a password that is eight characters or longer. The most important feature on Snapchat is the user’s identity. It is best to choose a username that is unique. Unfortunately, once the user sets their username the user cannot change it.

In case a user forgets the password, it is best to also verify the phone number for their account as well. By using this method the user can also receive notifications and well as reset their password in case it lost. The way the user is able to reset their password using this method is by entering the phone number; they will then be sent a verification code to enter in order to gain access to their account. The last step is to prove that the user is not a robot, this is done by entering a series of captions. Once this is complete the user is ready to use snapchat.

Instagram is another social networking app that is just as easy to use. Snapchat chat is easier for most users I believe in comparison to Instagram. However Instagram is just as simple. Instagram I would think would be more business friendly to use then snapchat. According to wikihow, it makes Instagram seem like a pretty simple app to use.

Firstly, in order to Instagram like Snapchat the user has to sign up for an account. The account can be downloaded from the app store on a mobile device such as an iPad, Android or iPhone. Then next step is to wait for the app to install. The directions to using Instagram a pretty simple. The instructions for using Instagram will be listed below.

In order to use Instagram the user has to find the app in the app store by search for it. Then the user has to install it. A word of caution, if the user downloads the app from iTunes the user will have to synch it to their iOS device before they are able to use it. Once the user downloads the apps the user must launch it from the home screen from their device.  The next step is to sign up for an account.

The user must select the “sign up” button located at the bottom of the screen and enter a valid username, email, and password and a phone number but this is optional. The next part of using Instagram is a person’s identity so uploading a photo is a good idea but again this is optional. In order to complete the user’s identity of Instagram it would be a good idea to add some personal information in the about me section maybe including a personal website.







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